San Leon, Bacliff and Bayview Communities


Bacliff first opened up and drawing visitors as a summer seaside retreat community named “Clifton By The Sea”, but since then it has morphed into a upcoming developing community located off of Texas State highway 146 overlooking Galveston Bay. It has scenic views of Galveston Bay and offers visitors places to play and eat fresh seafood while enjoying the eclectic personality of it’s environment. The community offers easy access to Galveston Bay with it’s two boat ramps and visitors can enjoy Bayshore Park for an afternoon of family fun.

Bacliff Quick Facts:


Bayview was once a scattered row of bay side homes located along the waterfront of Galveston Bay off of State Highway 146. Today, it has combined community efforts with the Bacliff and Kemah communities and has become a small community that offers residents a relaxing lifestyle along the waterfront of Galveston Bay. It continues to grow and prosper alongside it’s neighbors.

Bayview Quick Facts:

Schools served by Clear Creek Independent School District

San Leon

Sunny San Leon is located on a peninsula just east of the City of Dickinson. The small town of about 4,000 people supports a shrimp, fish and maritime industries. The small town was once a vacation area to many visitors from Houston and the surrounding area. Like then, many homes in the area are vacation homes alongside the local population. This vibrant small town continues to grow and provide great local entertainment and activities for everyone to enjoy.

San Leon Quick Facts:

Population – 4,970

Served by Dickinson Independent School District